By Massih

A Sensitivity Problem in Pain Imaging: #cingulategate

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I know that the #cingulategate horse has been beaten to death, but I thought it would be worth putting it here, just in case someone had managed to miss it. It all started with a recent paper in PNAS by Lieberman and Eisenberger1 (L&E) that (in my opinion) makes some egregious statements about the specificity of the anterior midcingulate cortex based on Neurosynth – a nifty and useful meta-analysis software, ideal for hypothesis forming. Tal Yarkoni (TY) – the creator of Neurosynth – published a blogpost discussing the various problems with the paper.

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Pain and Pleasure: Towards a mechanism of neuropathic pain chronification

There is no doubt that pain is one of the most important systems for survival. Even though we all feel pain, surprisingly little is known about pain mechanisms. Indeed, there are many outstanding fundamental questions in pain research, such as where acute pain is encoded in the brain, how pain competes with other processes. To further complicate matters, chronic pain is very different from acute or experimental pain. Read more